Be prepared to talk about your mortgage – watch these videos.

Roy Cocciollo, Mortgage Broker,

A great mortgage professional will give you mortgage solutions that take into account the conditions of the mortgage, not just lowest rates.

That’s why we spend at least 30-45 minutes getting to know you. It’s important to analyze your particular situation (both short and long-term life goals) before we share our customized mortgage advice.

Ready to talk about your mortgage, your way? Be prepared. Watch and share these videos.

If you’re a new home buyer still in research mode – house hunting, saving for a downpayment or seeking tips for the pre-approval process – we encourage you to watch this Video Series with Roy Cocciollo – a local Mortgage Expert. Roy puts clients needs first with great service and comprehensive advice.

If you’re an existing home owner looking to renegotiate your mortgage or have questions that weren’t answered, email: Get a second opinion – call 416-640-0930 or visit today.



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